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Not dead

2014-04-13 08:29:29 by icefire23

I merely forgot this place existed. I've been making Let's Plays on Youtube and have been writing fanfictions. Yes.


2013-09-27 22:58:52 by icefire23



2013-05-27 17:36:22 by icefire23

Wow, I haven't posted anything in forever.

2013-04-04 21:17:09 by icefire23



2013-03-03 13:01:24 by icefire23

I didn't forget about you guys.

Still here

2012-10-20 22:46:21 by icefire23

I'll continue the Shadow Project as soon as I get my computer working again.


2012-08-18 10:23:04 by icefire23


3 years?

2012-07-27 11:34:52 by icefire23

I've been on this site for 3 freaking years and I didn't even notice. Oh how time flies.

Where is everyone!?

2012-07-11 15:54:09 by icefire23

This place has become dead! One would think that Summer=Freedom so people would at least be on more, unless busy with vacations and such. But still, show me you're alive!

Red: Blastoise protect then grab it!

Blastoise put up a Protect right as Pikachu hit it, causing him to bounce of and be grabbed.

Ash: Pikachu thunderbolt quick!
Red: Toss it up quick! And use Hydro Pump after!

Before Pikachu could react it was tossed in the air and from the recoil couldn't move as Blastoise took it's aim*

Red: Wait...wait...NOW!
Ash: Pikachu!!

Blastoise took aim and fired out a Hydro Pump from one of it's cannons and it hit Pikachu into the wall, causing a dent and KO'ing Pikachu.

Announcer: WOW! And just like that Red's evened the playing field! What will Ash do next?

Ash: You did good Buizel come on out!
Red: You're going to fight my water type...with a water type. (He shrugs) Whatever. Flash Cannon!
Ash: Sonic Boom now!

Buizel Jumped up and fired two sound waves from it's tail, both colliding with the Flash Cannon and causing a smoke explosion

Ash: Now Water Pulse!
Red: Get in your shell!

Buizel fired into the smoke, striking Blastoise but had no visible effect.

Ash: Ah...
Red: Now spin and use Hydro Pump!
Ash: Jump up!

Blastoise began spinning at a rapid speed firing out Hydro pumps from both cannons, not giving any room to dodge. Buizel was unable to jump and was hit with the streams of water.

Ash: Use Ice Punch to freeze the water!
Red: That won't happen!

Buizel rebounded and used Ice Punch and froze a stream of water keeping Blastoise in place*

Red: O.o
Ash: Now use Aqua Jet and Ice Punch!
Buizel: BUUIII!!

Buizel surrounded itself in water and used Ice punch turning it into a spear and it crashed right into Blastoise.

Red: A fusion move...interesting...Blastoise you alright? (Blastoise gets up and nods) Great! Now use Blizzard!
Ash: Buizel Dodge it!

Blastoise roared and shot out a icy cold Blizzard that stuck Buizel directly

Ash: Buizel!
Red: Now Hydro Pump!

Before Buizel could react it was already shot by the powerful stream of water.

Roy: This is going to take forever...two water types with not even neutral damage moves on them.
Rui: If Buizel keeps getting hit by those it won't last much longer...
Brock: This is a thing Ash does. He sometimes puts out a pokemon with a type disadvantage or that's the same type. It seems Red's catching on.

Ash: Alright Buizel, I know that Blastoise has some damage on him, but you do too. So let's take him out in 1 shot got it! (Buizel nods) Alright now Full Power Water Pulse!
Red: Ha! Full Power Hydro Pump!

Both pokemon unleashed their attacks at full power, but they missed colliding.

Ash: WHOA!
Red: WHAT.

Blastoise and Buizel were struck down both being Ko'ed.

Announcer: A double down!? WOW!!
Roy: What. Just. Happened?
Rui: I. Don't. Even...
Brock: Never seen that before...

Red: I don't know what just happened...but let's move on. Blastoise come back! Let's go Venusaur!
Ash: (I need to start being serious...I have to be smart...ah ha!) Let's go-Staraptor!
Red: Playing smart I see. Venusaur Energy Ball!
Ash: Dodge and use Aerial Ace!

Venusaur shot an energy ball but Staraptor avoided it and struck it twice with an Aerial Ace

Rui: Yeah! Super Effective Damage!
Brock: Hmm...

Red: Grab it with your vines quick and slam it down!
Ash: Look out!

Before Staraptor could get any distance Venusaur wrapped its vines around it and slammed it to the ground.

Red: Now Giga Drain!
Ash: Staraptor get out of there!

Venusaur began draining some energy from Staraptor before flinging it away.

Red: Nice! Now Sludge Bomb!
Ash: Fly up quick!

You know...for those who read this...some feedback would be nice...