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Posted by icefire23 - May 13th, 2011

IF i didn't ingore updates for this computer. i mean seriously there's an update i've been igroneing for a week and i just said yes to the update and now EVERYTHING is just find. wow i'm stupid. haha

Posted by icefire23 - May 12th, 2011

i swear this thing is so old. everytime i try to watch a video on this computer it has to buffer and then 2 seconds later it has to buffer again. not to mention my upload time is 4 HOURS when it used to be 2.

Posted by icefire23 - May 9th, 2011

AH yes FINALLY after a year i'm finally 14! maybe this means my voice will STOP having voice cracks altough it's funny in video. but yeah!

Posted by icefire23 - May 8th, 2011

Damn i am on a ROLL with these episodes

Ein: Golbat, Lanturn destroy them!
Roy: Thyphosion come on out!
Ash: Pikachu use Thunder bolt on Golbat!
Ein: Lanturn jump in the way!

Pikachu shot a bolt of electricity but Lanturn took the hit and took no damage.

Ash: Wha?
Brock: That Lanturn has Volt Absorb!
Rui: Doesn't that mean it gets stronger when hit by an electric move?
Ein: Exactly. Golbat, Air Cutter!
Roy: Flamethrower!

Golbat used it's wings to cut the air but it got countered by Flamethrower.

Ein: Lanturn Rain dance!
Roy: OH NO...
Ash: What?
Roy: This Lanturn more then likely has Thunder and Thunder NEVER misses in the rain!
Ein: Now Lanturn Thunder on the Thyphosion!
Roy: Dodge it!

A giant Thunder Bolt came from the clouds created by the rain and shocked Thyphosion.

Ash: Pikachu quick attack on Lanturn!
Ein: Golbat use protect!

Pikachu rammed into Golbat's Shield and got knocked away by Lanturn's Signal beam.

Roy: hm. Thyphosion return! Esepeon you got this! Use Shadow ball on Lanturn!
Ash: Pikachu Volt Tackle on Golbat!
Ein: Golbat Air cutter on Pikachu, Lanturn Signal beam on Esepeon!

Golbat flapped it's wings to cut the air but Pikachu smashed into it with a Volt Tackle KO'ing it while Lanturn and Esepeon got hit with eachothers attacks.

Ash: now Iron tail!
Ein: Hydro Pump!

Pikachu did a somersault in midair rolling on the water Lanturn spit from it's mouth and slamming it's tail in Lanturn's face not quite ko'ing it.

Ein: Altaria, help out Lanturn! Use Dragon Rush!

Altaria slammed into Pikachu using a powerful Dragon rush slamming it back.

Ash: Pikachu are you okay?
Roy: Esepeon use Swift!

to cover Pikachu Esepeon star a ray of stars that hit Lanturn and Altaria.

Ein: Altaria use Fly on Esepeon!! Lanturn take out that Pikachu with Hydro pump!

Esepeon dodged the Fly attack but Pikachu was unable to dodge the Hydro pump Ko'ing it.

Rui: This guy is tough! Pikachu are you okay?
Ash: can you watch him for me.
Rui: (nods)
Brock: here these potions should help.
Ash: Tortrerra come out!
Ein: Lanturn Ice beam on Tortrerra!
Roy: Esepeon Psychic and send that Ice beam and hit it back to Altaria!
Ash: Leaf Storm on Lanturn!

Esepeon took the Ice beam and lauched it back to Altaria and nearly Ko'ed it while Tortrerra used leaf storm and KO'ed Lanturn.

Ein: Huntail Auqa tail! on Torterra!

Ein's Huntail took Tortterra but surprise and did Massive Damage Ko'ing it.

Roy: Esepeon Shadow ball on Altaria!
Ein: Huntail Crunch!

Huntail took a BIG bite out of Esepeon Ko'ing it as well.

Ein: Is this all you have?
Roy: oh shut UP already. Jumpluff let's go!
Ash: Buizel let's do this!

Posted by icefire23 - May 8th, 2011

Cole: Furret Brick Break!
Ash: Pikachu Iron tail!

Pikachu's Tail collided with Furret's hand.

Roy: Jumpluff Aerial Ace!

After the two bounced back Jumpluff slashed Furret twice.

Ash: Thunderbolt!

Pikachu zapped Furret with it's strong electric bolt. K.O

Cole: grr. Aipom Show them what for!
Rui: That's a Shadow Pokemon!
Roy: Got it. Jumpluff Stun spore!

Jumpluff rubbed it's cotton spheres( not BALLS i'm avoiding saying balls on purpose) and spread yellow spores that paralyzed Aipom.

Roy: Now Giga Drain!

Jumpluff leaped up into the air and floated towards the paralyzed Aipom. and put drained it's energy.

Cole: Aipom use Double team!
Ash: Hurry Pikachu use Quick attack!

Pikachu rammed into Aipom knocking it down quickly.

Roy: Go Ultra ball!

The ball hit Aipom but only shook 1 time.

Brock: IT broke out?
Roy: GRR...Let's try this again!

Roy threw another ultra ball but this only shook twice.


Roy Threw a net ball for no reason and it caught Aipom.

Brock: wow...
Cole: What just happened? NO i must sound the alarm!
Rui: Crap!

Cole mananged to sound an alarm that rang through the entire lab.

Rui: Well this is great! what do we do now?
Roy: We smash through every last Chiper goon.
Ash: i'm liking this plan!

Even with the Alarm going on few Very Chiper Goons managed to track down the group and battle them.

Lare: Hey hey who said you 4 could be here?
Brock: uh, somebody...
Lare: yeah nice try intruders. Nuzleaf take them out!
Ash: Infernape let's go! Mach Punch!

Infernape darted quickly towards Nuzleaf who had no chance of Dodging it.

Ash: Flamethrower!
Lare: Dark pulse!

Infernape shot a powerful flame out of it's mouth while Nuzleaf shot a dark bean from it's hands but Infernape was Stronger and KO'ed Nuzleaf.

Lare: hm not bad, Houndour come out!
Ash: Infernape come back. Buizel you got this!
Lare: use Ember!
Ash: Dodge and use Aqua jet!

Houndour shot small flames from it's mouth but Buizel dodged and hit it with a nice Aqua Jet.

Ash: Now Water Pulse!

Buizel shot a orb of Water at Houndour KO'ing it.

Lare: ugh i'm losing here! Murkrow go!
Rui: That's a Shadow!
Roy: i'll let the kid handle this. my guys need a little rest.
Brock: Ash Be careful Murkrows are strong!
Ash: Don't worry Brock. Buizel Return! Staraptor use Brave bird!

Ash threw his pokeball up and Murkrow had no chance of avoiding the Brave Bird.

Ash: Now Close Combat!

Staraptor lunged at Murkrow attack with it's wings and talons. knocking it down.

Roy: Great ball go!

Roy threw a Great Ball at Murkrow and caught it in one try.

Lare: ACK. This can't be happening! (runs away)
Rui: wow that was great Ash.
Ash: haha. thanks.
Brock: Hey what's (holds up vial)
Roy: hm...looks like DNA from a Shadow Pokemon.
Rui: Here's another.
Ash: and another.
Roy: What are these things here for?
Brock: hey look there, a locked door and it fits this DNA samples perfectly.
Rui: Place them in i guess.

Brock Placed the Samples in a random order and the door opened but a Peon was standing in the way.

Skurb: YOU!!!
Roy: Do we know you?
Skurb: you should remember! you stoel my Hitmontop!
Roy: OHHH you're THAT guy? Skurb was it?
Skurb: That's right and i want my revenge! Graveler go!
Roy: Jumpluff take him out! Giga Drain!
Skurb: Stone Edge!

Jumpluff drained Graveler but was caught off garud but the stones but it managned to dodge them.

Roy: hm still walking eh? Energy Ball!

Jumpluff shot aball of energy Ko'ing Graveler.

Skurb: grr...Wobbetfett!
Roy: Crap...Giga Drain!
Skurb: Mirror coat!

Wobbetfett counted all the damage done to it by Jumpluff not Ko'ing it but getting close.

Roy: Jumpluff come back. Esepeon you can take it right?
Skurb: ha Mirror coat!
Roy: Iron tail!
Skurb: Crap.

Esepeon jumped into the air and slammed it's tail on Wobbetfett's head Ko'ing it.

Skurb: oh geez. Fine you can go on for now!

The group entered a room where a Guy with a Lab coat and a lightbolt shaped thing on his hair.

Ein: hm So you are this ROY i've heard snagging my creations.
Brock: what do you mean by "My"?
Ein: This is my laboratory. I create Shadow Pokemon!
Ash: Well we're putting a STOP to this madness. you can't force pokemon to be heartless!
Ein: Well i also create Shadow Pokemon Trainers. These trainers can't be turned normal no matter what! The 1st perfect Shadow Trainer has left this lab shortly before you arrived.
Roy: I'd like to take that person on one day, but i'll settle for you!
Ash: i'm right behind you!
Brock: Rui let's stand back this could get Hectic!
Rui: Agreed.
Ein: You will pay for making my hard work useless! plus the Bosses new admin will be happy yo hear of your defeat!
Roy: yeah like that's gonna happen!
Ein: Then come at me with everything you have!

Posted by icefire23 - May 7th, 2011

Venus: Surf!
Roy: Umbreon use confuse ray!
Ash: Pikachu Thunderbolt!

Suicune unleashed a giant wave among the battle field but Pikachu managed to counter it and Umbreon confused it.

Roy: Now Faint attack!

Umbreon Rushed Suicune back and forth.

Ash: Volt Tackle!
Venus: Shadow Rush!

Pikachu gathered Eletricity around itself and ran at Suicune, who hit itself in it's confusion.

Venus: ACKKK!!!

Pikachu rammed into Suicune knocking it over and paralyizing it.

Roy: It's go time!

Roy did his blind ball throw maneuver and threw a timer ball.

Brock: 1...
Ash: 2...
Rui: 3...
Roy: and CAUGHT! and you've just been defeated on LIVE TV no less.
Venus: uh...
Dagur: Lady Venus, this way!

Kloak and Dagur rushed Venus into a stair case and the group followed them.

The group came to a big stair case and Brock Looked down to see Venus and her goons running into the train station

Roy: Explain to me how they got THAT far ahead of us?
Brock: Doesn't matter we should chase them down anyway.
Rui: Agreed.
Liaks: Well what do we have here?
Ash: oh great.
Liaks: well that's a FINE looking girl you got there my blue coated friend.
Roy: is there something you want?
Liaks: Yeah, that girl
Rui; !!!
Roy: haha. yeah that's a good one!
Liaks : I'm dead serious, i'll even battle you for her!
Roy: She's not a price to be won.
Brock: We're in a hurry here so just get out of our way.
Liaks: Fine have it your way. Just take this.
Ash: what is it?
Liaks: Some pokemon that lady who ran by not to long ago gave to me, i don't want it cause it's creepy.
Brock: probably a Shadow Pokemon
Rui: we're wasting time standing here.
Ash: Good point let's go.

The group entered the abandon Train Station when an earth shattered explosion happened.

Brock: Over here!

The Group saw Venus Kloak and Dagur across from them by a gap, and stairs were behind them

Venus: HAAHA. You wanna know how that train works you fools?
Rui: Sure tell us.
Venus: you need a key! oh but wait. i have the ONLY ONE!
Roy: of course. it would be to easy if you didn't have it.
Venus: well see you losers LATER!
Ash: now what?

Brock looked at the Station Sign.

Roy: hey wait.

Roy crouched down and saw a glimmering object. then he started laughing.

Rui: What's so funny?
Roy: That idiot left a key down here, to a shadow pokemon lab, most likely where they fled.
Ash: Brock maybe these Chiper guys know where Dawn is!
Brock: hm. good point. Team Rocket did say that they Lost Dawn to some Strange people in crazy outfits!
Roy: What are you guys rambling about?
Brock: we lost a friend and we tracked her down here to this region.
Rui: i hope she's okay.

(At the Shadow Pokemon Lab enterance.)

Roy used the Card Key and the Purple lines disappeared.

Roy: Let's go.

Posted by icefire23 - May 5th, 2011

It's really sad. i mean I've been at this school since 4th grade. and we only have 22 days left of school. I mean i've changed since i was little. I used to be a jerk believe it or not. and now i have everyone as my friend and the one person i never thought is my girlfriend. and we have 1 last field trip on june 2nd which is an over night and we have a dance that night. so i'm telling Margaret i love her.

Posted by icefire23 - May 1st, 2011

yeah turning the big 1 4 in 8 days. so much has changed over the past year also.

Posted by icefire23 - April 29th, 2011

and i don't know why.

Posted by icefire23 - April 25th, 2011

The bond Margaret and i Share.