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Just a quick taste of my work

Posted by icefire23 - January 1st, 2011

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And yes that is ME talking. but anyway just sit back and enjoy.

And here is My channel if you liked this.:http://www.youtube.com/user/Iceb ladefireblade202?feature=mhum

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Battle Network 3? Ahhh, that takes me back. I would always play that game when I was a kid. Try gettin sum better chips. ~w~

BTW, You've got a pretty good voice.

And yeah, I hate Ratty, too. :3

Haha thanks. I'm am SO not looking forward to Ratty 2 and 3...and i'm not looking forward to Bubble man even though i'm close to that fight...and i'm trying to get some better chips. but how i usually go is my folder sucks in the beginning but it's awesome towards the end. makes the final fight easier/

I laughed. I cryed. I enjoyed.

Just remember that Ratty 3 will barely come unless your in Secret Area. Or are you gonna do that, too?

Yeah, Bubbleman is a bitch to handle. I haven't played the game in awhile, so I can't give any advice. Sorry. ^_^;

Yeah sadly i'm covering that too.

OH and in on of my playthroughs i got HEAT GUTS RIGHT BEFORE I FOUGHT HIM. that was just a MAJOR kick in the balls. but the only elemental sytle i've never gotten is Electric.

Lol; sadly? XD

Damn. That happened to me too, cept it was Heat Team style.

the only styles i've gotten have been: HeatGuts, Woodguts(makes the final boss MUCH easier with grass tage and undershirt)

Aqua Guts(First one when i played the game the first time)

Aqua Ground (not to useful)

and i said sadly becasue of the Alpha bugs in that place and those guys SCARE ME.when they jump it's scares the crap outta me.

Really? You haven't gotten any Team or Shield styles?

As for those Alpha bugs, just quickstep when you're not usin your chips. Works for me every time. ;)

Just ask me for tips. I can be very helpful. ^_^

oh yeah i forgot to write i got the Heat Shield style in my 1st. and it works for me to but i can never sidestep with screaming a little. lol.

oh btw: check out my fight with Beast man Alpha...i got OWNED. 5 times...

and not to mention the part before you get a style it took me 7 minutes of recording to find a WIND* i swear to god that i started losing my mind during those 7 minutes.


Yeah, it's hard to get the Wind * chip. Gotta get a good rank when fighting those viruses. That's why you should (when you can) get every job in SciLab done when it's there. The places you go to do the job might help you in your main story. For example, a few jobs give you HP20Mems as rewards.

oh i'm covering all the sidequest.

and that reminds me i beat the game the frist time without doing all the side quest and i beat the game without getting a Navi customizer upgrade (excluding the one Dad gives you story-wise) and the i'm still not looking forward 2 fighting:

Bubble Man
and worst of all..BASS

Yeah, Bass is pretty hard the 1st time you face her (story-wise), but he gets more predictable when you face him the 2nd time (story-wise). As for the Secret Area Bass, I'm still tryin to get to him.

the first time i tried for 2 hours. i put up a HELL of a fight before i relized you weren't supposed to win.

the 2nd time was pretty annoying.

haven't faced the secret area Bass in ANY playthrough so that fight'll be interesting. and you typed her then said him. is bass genderless? O_o

What?! XDDD

Oh damn. must've been a typo. Lol.

it's happens to everybody.


Back to the topic. I might just be good on BN3 cuz I have an emulator. I would play it on GBA, but I don't have the game anymore. Ah well. So, how far are you?

Well i'm about to get the compression Program and i'll probably end that epiosde off when i get the style change. but currently i'm doing some off screen things. i now have over 120 Bug frags, 320 Hp, and not that much money. But i'm not going to do that Grass Style trick to defeat Alpha. i'll mention it, but i won't do it i like a challage.

And i'm getting some good electric Chips for the bastard we know as Bubble man. but i only have 1 ranged and 2 electric swords. so i need to WORK!


Watch out for Bubleman when he gets his HP low, tho. I don't think ElectricSword will reach that far. Might wanna get some panel-cracking chips, like Gutsman.

i have Guts man Version 1 and 2 and i'm gotta bitch about when he gets low on HP cause i have a feeling that's gonna be the bane of my exsitance. and i'm trying to finish the game in under 40 epiosde. at the rate i'm gonig i think that'll be fine.

And around an 1 hour later from this response i just beat Bubble man in 52 seconds. AND my camera didn't die! My luck is AMAZING with these bosses. i've beaten each one in under 2 mintues! and i got the wood Guts style. which is the one i was trying to avoid but i showed the grass stage trick and i'm NEVER doing it again.