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Where does my heart truly belong?

Posted by icefire23 - April 4th, 2011

So margaret AND rachel talked to me today about how they feel about me. and you won't believe this but, both of them said they love me. yes both Margaret AND rachel. and if your wondering why i didn't choose Margaret from the start was becasue when Rachel and i kissed i felt something special, and the same thing with Margaret, so i don't know who to choose.

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sounds like problem, my advice is chose on your own

I will, i just gotta choose the right one.

Oy. This is REALLY startin to sound like a Harem Anime. Well, it would be if there was 1 more chick. XD

haha. well the choice isn't an easy one i'll tell ya that

Actually your life sounds like something off of a bad teen drama.

Let me guess, next the girl you truly love will turn out to have only wanted you for sex and the other girl had already moved on and forgot about you.

i'm 13 dude. and what's funny is that i don't watch teen drama's whatso ever. i barly watch TV so....yeah.

Neither do I but have you seen the ads to those dramas on Youtube?

Yeah, people in those stories with get caught in a crazy web of relations.

So, anythin about this happen today?

well ironicly we had picture day and in our group picture and rachel had to sit in front of me. other then that nothing becase i think they are trying to give me some space to think.

this could be your lifes decision :P

one of them at least lol ;)

So, did you?

still thinking, i'll make a post about it Friday and then make my choice after reviewing some things.


Let's put that aside for now. Right now, I'm tryin to find an emulator that'll play Pokemon Black perfectly, but gettin no results. My No$GBA won't load pass the Menu screen and my DeSmume has crap speed.

Any thoughts?

to be honest no, i have no idea how emulators work sadly. altough i DID try to look for a black and white one a few days before they came out. lol.