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Posted by icefire23 - June 12th, 2011

So i was texting Margaret on Facebook yesterday and i wanted to see how well her Summer has been going so far. She said it was going great, and me being the nosy person i am decided to ask why. At first she said idk, and then she said it would be awkward to tell me. and then i'm like uh...how awkward could it be? and she replies, pretty since we broke up only a week ago. And i pretty much figured out that a good friend of hers might ask her out or not. and she thought i was gonna be REALLY upset. I was but as long as she happy i didn't have a problem with it. And about an hour later she said her friend asked her out but she didn't know what to say even though she sounded so ready to say yes earlier. and i told her to follow her heart and she said it says I DON'T KNOW. so she thought about it and eariler today she told me she was gonna say Yes. ugh...not quite what i had in mind...


Hey i was just about to tell you she just left like 10 minutes ago! but i can clearly see that your pisssed just alittle.

Let's go with that, just a little.

i cant believe its not butter

IF it's not butter..then WTF IS IT!? XD

Yeah, you're definitely a lil irritated, aren't you? :P

yeah, let's go with just a little.

Ahhh, young awkwardness. Never a dull moment. XD

ha. it never is.

God damn it, you and Margaret are always breaking up.

actually the 1st time was a joke so she could make me a present for my B-day, at the beach it was real just for the better, she just found someone faster then i thought. and don't even get me started on break up and getting back together. 2 of my friends keep breaking up and getting together and it's been the 10th time and that's the EXACT number. and it's been going on for 2 years. so....i would say Margaret and i broke up once. not 10 times like them.


10 times?! Eeeehhh. o_o'

over the course of 2 years. i've witnessed at least 3 cylces of break up and get together.

Sounds like somethin out of "School Rumble". XD

XD. But seriously it's rediculous. i mean the first time it happened everyone was like aw they were kinda good for eachother. Then the 2nd time it was like Maybe that's the end for them. 3rd time: Ok maybe they are a little to fond of eachother. 4th time: Are you serious? 5th time: What the heck? i thought YOU broke up with HIM?! 6th time: Maybe it'll be over after this. 7th time: SERIOUSLY?! 8th time: Ok it HAS to be over now. 9th time: WTF? 10th Time: IT should be over before Highschool

Mysterious 11th time: ............

I'm rootin for a miraculous 15th time. :D

It'll go beyond that.