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Posted by icefire23 - July 9th, 2012

Red: Blastoise protect then grab it!

Blastoise put up a Protect right as Pikachu hit it, causing him to bounce of and be grabbed.

Ash: Pikachu thunderbolt quick!
Red: Toss it up quick! And use Hydro Pump after!

Before Pikachu could react it was tossed in the air and from the recoil couldn't move as Blastoise took it's aim*

Red: Wait...wait...NOW!
Ash: Pikachu!!

Blastoise took aim and fired out a Hydro Pump from one of it's cannons and it hit Pikachu into the wall, causing a dent and KO'ing Pikachu.

Announcer: WOW! And just like that Red's evened the playing field! What will Ash do next?

Ash: You did good Pikachu...now Buizel come on out!
Red: You're going to fight my water type...with a water type. (He shrugs) Whatever. Flash Cannon!
Ash: Sonic Boom now!

Buizel Jumped up and fired two sound waves from it's tail, both colliding with the Flash Cannon and causing a smoke explosion

Ash: Now Water Pulse!
Red: Get in your shell!

Buizel fired into the smoke, striking Blastoise but had no visible effect.

Ash: Ah...
Red: Now spin and use Hydro Pump!
Ash: Jump up!

Blastoise began spinning at a rapid speed firing out Hydro pumps from both cannons, not giving any room to dodge. Buizel was unable to jump and was hit with the streams of water.

Ash: Use Ice Punch to freeze the water!
Red: That won't happen!

Buizel rebounded and used Ice Punch and froze a stream of water keeping Blastoise in place*

Red: O.o
Ash: Now use Aqua Jet and Ice Punch!
Buizel: BUUIII!!

Buizel surrounded itself in water and used Ice punch turning it into a spear and it crashed right into Blastoise.

Red: A fusion move...interesting...Blastoise you alright? (Blastoise gets up and nods) Great! Now use Blizzard!
Ash: Buizel Dodge it!

Blastoise roared and shot out a icy cold Blizzard that stuck Buizel directly

Ash: Buizel!
Red: Now Hydro Pump!

Before Buizel could react it was already shot by the powerful stream of water.

Roy: This is going to take forever...two water types with not even neutral damage moves on them.
Rui: If Buizel keeps getting hit by those it won't last much longer...
Brock: This is a thing Ash does. He sometimes puts out a pokemon with a type disadvantage or that's the same type. It seems Red's catching on.

Ash: Alright Buizel, I know that Blastoise has some damage on him, but you do too. So let's take him out in 1 shot got it! (Buizel nods) Alright now Full Power Water Pulse!
Red: Ha! Full Power Hydro Pump!

Both pokemon unleashed their attacks at full power, but they missed colliding.

Ash: WHOA!
Red: WHAT.

Blastoise and Buizel were struck down both being Ko'ed.

Announcer: A double down!? WOW!!
Roy: What. Just. Happened?
Rui: I. Don't. Even...
Brock: Never seen that before...

Red: I don't know what just happened...but let's move on. Blastoise come back! Let's go Venusaur!
Ash: (I need to start being serious...I have to be smart...ah ha!) Let's go-Staraptor!
Red: Playing smart I see. Venusaur Energy Ball!
Ash: Dodge and use Aerial Ace!

Venusaur shot an energy ball but Staraptor avoided it and struck it twice with an Aerial Ace

Rui: Yeah! Super Effective Damage!
Brock: Hmm...

Red: Grab it with your vines quick and slam it down!
Ash: Look out!

Before Staraptor could get any distance Venusaur wrapped its vines around it and slammed it to the ground.

Red: Now Giga Drain!
Ash: Staraptor get out of there!

Venusaur began draining some energy from Staraptor before flinging it away.

Red: Nice! Now Sludge Bomb!
Ash: Fly up quick!

You know...for those who read this...some feedback would be nice...

Posted by icefire23 - July 5th, 2012

I don't care if Red doesn't talk! He WILL for this. K? K.

Red: Well well well look what the cat dragged in.
Ash: Why are you here?
Red: Oh you know, just traveling around, taking on challenges. What about you? I wasn't expecting you to be here.
Roy: (To Rui and Brock) So who is this guy exactly?
Brock: That's Red...he's a really tough trainer from Kanto.
Rui: Who names their child Red?
Ash: Well I don't care if your here! I have important Business to do! Right Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pika!
Red: You have a Pikachu? That's interesting.... (He tosses up a pokeball and it releases a Pikachu) I have one to.
Anouncer: WOW! Look at these to! They're starting off with the same Pokemon! This match will be interesting to see!
Roy: The kid better win. *He crosses his arms*
Brock: Ash has this!
Announcer: Now let's get this battle underway! Who will make the first move!?
Red: Pikachu Iron Tail!
Ash: AH! Pikachu counter with Iron Tail!

*Both Pikachu's dash towards each other and attack with there tails, creating a strong force of wind and they back up to their respective sides*

Red: Copying my moves now are we? Tsk tsk. I thought you'd be better than that Ash.
Ash: Hey! I don't know anything about your Pikachu! But mine can do this! Pikachu ThunderBolt!
Red: Counter with Iron Tail.

*Pikachu leaped up and fired a bolt of electricity from it's body but it was avoided by the other Pikachu who quickly moved to the left and dashed towards Pikachu uppercutting it with it's tail and leaping back*

Red: Perfect. Quick Attack!
Ash: Pikachu hurry and use Quick Attack!

*Ash's Pikachu recovered quickly in time to intercept Red's Pikachu's Quick attack leading in a stalemate when the attacks met*

Ash: Now Iron Tail!
Red: Dodge and use ThunderBolt!

*Pikachu quickly managed to swipe Red's Pikachu with it's tail causing Red's to fly back a little but it caught itself and fired a ThunderBolt that was dodged*

Roy: This fight is going to take forever. It's like they have the exact same moves!
Rui: Maybe there's a slight difference somewhere...
Brock: There is. It's how they usually fight...Even if they have the same Pokemon and Moves...the way they go about this changes the battle already...

Ash: (To himself) It's like he has the same moves I have...wait...! Pikachu use Quick Attack to close the gap!
Red: Charge in with Iron Tail!

*Pikachu gathered up speed and began charging towards Red's Pikachu, who was preparing to strike with an Iron Tail*

Red: (He laughs) What are you planning, at this rate your Pikachu is mine!
Ash: Not so fast! Volt Tackle now!
Red: HUH!

*Before Red could issue a command Ash's Pikachu was surrounded by an electric aura, and ran into Red's Pikachu causing it to fly up into the air*

Ash: Oh yeah direct hit! How do you like that!?

Rui: Wow that was awesome!
Roy: Hmph.
Rui: Can he not impress you at least once?
Roy: Probably not.
Brock: ...........

Red: Interesting move. Pikachu Thunder!
Ash: Pikachu Thunderbolt!

*From the sky Red's Pikachu fires a powerful Thunder which easily overpowers ThunderBolt causing some damage*

Announcer: This fight is white hot! Neither trainer is giving an Inch and is already giving it their all!

Ash: Pikachu! Finish this off with a Volt Tackle!
Red: That trick won't work! Pikachu you know what to do!

*Red's Pikachu lands and begins moving quickly like Quick Attack, before being surrounded in a yellow aura, Ash's does the same*

Ash: A....You'res knows...
Red: I was surprised that you had it.

Roy: That guy knows what he's doing...

*Both Pikachu's collide with their Volt Tackles creating a large explosion of smoke and wind*

Ash: Erg...(Covering his face from the wind)
Red: (Doing the same)

Rui: Whoa...!

*Both Pikachu's stood taking recoil from the attack as everyone lay silent*

Rui: ...

*Finally after the tension Red's Pikachu falls*

Announcer: And there you have it folks! Pikachu wins this round! But there is still 5 more pokemon to go!

Red: Not bad Pikachu. *He places it back inside of it's Pokeball* Now then Blastoise come out! *He tosses a pokeball and lets it out*

Ash: A Blastoise?
Red: Now then shall we?
Ash: HA! Pikachu take it down with Volt Tackle!
Red: (An evil smirk comes on his lips)

Posted by icefire23 - July 5th, 2012

How's your guys(?) Summer been? Mines been pretty good. Nothing to special really. Also another part of the Shadow Project will be up today.

Posted by icefire23 - June 17th, 2012

Gonzap: You're stealing my pokemon eh? Why?
Roy: Because. It's been hurt, and my friends and I are the only one's who can change it back!
Rui: Yeah! He knows without us he wouldn't have gotten this far!
Brock: That's right!
Ash: Yeah! Wait you and I are friends now?
Roy: eh...still iffy about you both.
Brock: Aw...
Ash: Darn....

The ball stops shaking and the red light disappears.

Gonzap: Y-you stole my Skarmory!!!
Roy: You didn't need it and it didn't want you.
Gonzap: You idiot! You may have gotten this far...
Silvia: Hey you're clogging up the elevator it's time for you to go!
Gonzap: Little brat. All of you!

Gonzap takes his leave dropping something on the way out.

Brock: Hey what's that?
Silvia: NO time to check it out it's time to move the tournament is about to start soon!
Rui: Hey Ash...where did you go while Roy was fighting Gonzap?
Ash: Oh I switched some Pokemon around for this tournament!
Roy: Come on guys we only got a few minutes!

The group steps inside the elevator and acends to the top most floor, the Colosseum.

Announcer: Welcome one and all to the long waited Regulam Tower Tournament! For the first round we have the challenger Roy!

Roy makes his entrance waving to the crowd pumping everyone up the extreme.

Ash: Show off! I don't need to do that!
Rui: I think the entire place cheering you on is a good thing right?
Brock: That would be nice. I guess Roy's a people person.
Announcer: And his opponent...Colm!!!! For this first match it will be a two on two! A Double battle, and for the rest will be a full 6 on 6! Why? Because...uh...Let's get started!!!!

Roy: Here's to a good battle!
Colm: With my pokemon you won't stand a chance!
Roy: You don't know how many times people have said that to me. You can go.
Colm: Let's go Exploud and Absol!
Roy: Umbreon Jumpluff let's go!!
Rui: Roy...the Absol...

Roy nods understanding what Rui means.

Roy: That Absol of yours...who gave it to you?
Colm: Why do you want to know? Can't just get started?! I'll tell you after ok?
Roy: Better than not at all.
Colm: Exploud Screech! Absol Night Slash on both of them!
Roy: Wut.

Exploud screeched loudly stunning both Umbreon and Jumpluff leaving them open to the Night Slash by Absol sending them back a bit.

Roy: Not bad! Umbreon charge in with Faint Attack! Jumpluff fly up and use Leech seed on Exploud!
Colm: Absol use Shadow Rush on Jumpluff quick! And Exploud use Flame Thrower on Umbreon!

Absol charged up it's shadow power and jumped at Jumpluff but missed because it was to high off the ground allowing it to leech seed Exploud. Exploud in the mean time was shoot Flame Throwers at Umbreon who managed to ram into Absol with the Faint Attack.

Colm: Absol Psycho-Cut on the Jumpluff! Exploud Brick Break Umbreon!
Roy: Jumpluff counter the Psycho-Cut with Energy Ball! Umbreon dodge that Brick Break!

The energy ball and Psycho-Cut Collided creating an explosion while Umbreon was nimbly dodging the Brick Break's from Exploud.

Roy: Now Umbreon Shadow Ball!

Spotting an opening Umbreon rushed in and rammed into Exploud pushing it back.

Colm: Absol Superpower on Umbreon! Exploud Flame Thrower on Jumpluff!
Roy: Jumpluff Energy ball on Absol! Umbreon Iron Tail on Exploud!

Jumpluff fired the Energy ball but Absol jumped back dodging it, while Exploud fired the Flame Thrower at Umbreon to protect itself hitting directly.

Announcer: We have ourselves a heated battle over here folks! Could things get any hotter!?

Roy: (Gotta catch that Absol...)
Colm: Shadow Rush Absol!
Roy:( Oh this should work!) Go Ultra Ball!
Colm: Huzwat?!

As Absol rushed forward the Ultra tapped it and trapped it inside.

Colm: Hey what's the big deal!?
Roy: Sorry but I need that Shadow Pokemon to get better. I'm the only one who can help it, and this is the only way to save it.

Colm: Like hell you can have it! Explou-Exploud!?

Exploud lay Ko'ed on the ground due to the leech seed from eariler. And the red light on the Ultra Ball disappears.

Colm: WHAT?! That's not...
Announcer: I'm sorry I was looking away for a moment...OH! It looks like Colm has been defeated! Roy gets to advance to the next round!

Roy: Heh.
Rui: Nice job Roy!
Roy: All in a days work.
Announcer: Next we have...Ash from Pallet town in the Kanto Region!
Ash: Looks like I'm up!
Brock: good luck Ash!
Rui: Good Luck!
Roy: Don't lose.
Ash: Thanks guys!

Ash steps into his part of the arena as the elevator on the other side begins to enter.

Announcer: And we have another Challenger from Pallet town as well!? What are the odds!?
Ash: Someone else from Pallet Town!?

The Elevator opens and a figure with blue pants, a red hat, a bag on his back, and a red shirt exits.

???: Well look what we have here.
Ash: It's...you...
Brock: Wait...he looks... familiar...
Roy: Cut the suspense who the heck is this guy!?
Ash: R-Red...
Red: Nice to see you again...little bro.

Posted by icefire23 - June 17th, 2012

Gonzap: I've finally found you Roy!
Ash: Who are you!?
Gonzap: I am Gonzap! The leader of Team Snaggem!
Rui: Team Snaggem!? How do you know Roy?
Roy: ...................
Gonzap: Well this guy here used to be our best Snagger! Then he blew our base up!
Brock: Did you say best Snagger?
Gonzap: That's right.
Ash: *Glaring at Roy* What does he mean by all of this?! Who are you!?

Roy looks around at everyone and sighs.

Gonzap: So are you going to tell them or can I?
Roy: I was a member of Team Snaggem.
Ash: I knew I couldn't trust you!
Brock: How could you?!
Rui: R-roy?....

Pikachu jumps from Ash's shoulders angrily with a thunderbolt ready at Roy.

Roy: I saw this coming. I'm the bad guy now right?
Silvia: But that doesn't seem right! Roy's a good person!
Ash: Doesn't matter! He used to work with them and steal people's pokemon! He know's that not right!
Brock: We trusted you! And you hid this from us?!
Ash: We can handle the rest of this quest our selves! Get out of here! Pikachu us Thunder Bolt!
Rui: NO!

Rui jumps in front of Roy blocking him from the Thunder Bolt and falling to the ground.

Roy: Rui!? Why would you...
Rui: You're...a different person.
Ash: Rui why did you protect him?!
Rui: C-can't you see it? At first...he was a bit evil...but...look at him now. He's helping you guys look for your friend, he's been saving pokemon...why would he do this?

Silvia: Yeah! He's helped a bunch of people too!
Ash: but he...
Rui: He's a different person...trust me. that's why I lo-
Gonzap: BLAH BLAH BLAH! This runt ruined my base and if you get in my way I'll crush you all!
Ash: We can take you-
Roy: No. This is a fight I have to do on my own.
Gonzap: You think you can take me boy?
Roy: I don't know. But I'm going to try...but you believe in me.
Rui: Roy....
Gonzap: Shiftry let's go!
Roy: Hariyama go!
Gonzap: Shiftry fake out!
Roy: Fake what?

Shiftry rushed in and attack Hariyama before he could do anything.

Gonzap: Seed Bomb!
Roy: Bullet Punch!

Hariyama rushed in to Shiftry releasing a flurry of punches before the Seed Bomb was fired.

Ash: While Roy's doing this....

Roy: Keep it up! vital Throw!
Gonzap: Sunny day and Solar Beam go!

Shiftry dodged the Vital Throw and lit the room up with intense sunlight firing a solar beam right after.

Roy: Dodge it and use Vital Throw!

Hariyama took the beam to the leg slowing it down but it managed to pick Shiftry up and toss it at the wall.

Gonzap: Shiftry recover and use dark pulse!
Roy: Dodge!

Hariyama was unable to move because of it's leg and took the Dark Pulse head on.

Gonzap: Foolish boy! You know you can't beat me! You never have and you never will!
Roy: We'll see about that! Arm Thrust!
Gonzap: Counter with Seed Bomb!

Hariyama rushed up to Shifty and began to combo it with a flurry of punches.

Rui: That's not Arm Thrust!
Gonzap: What the hell is that?!
Roy: Close Combat!

Hariyama finished it's combo and slammed Shiftry into the wall with a final punch Ko'ing it.

Gonzap: W-what the hell was that!? GAH! Return you worthless pokemon! Pinsir take him out with Giga Impact!
Roy: Close Combat!

Pinsir charged up and rammed into the Close Combat Ko'ing Hariyama due to it's lowed defenses.

Roy: Nice Job Hariyama come back! Hmm... Ampharos let's go! crush that bug with Thunder Bolt!
Gonzap: Use EarthQuake!

Due to the Giga Impact Pinsir was unable to dodge the Thunder Bolt and was forced to take it head on.

Gonzap: Why didn't you move?!
Brock: You used Giga Impact, and a pokemon using that move has to recharge!
Gonzap: What!?!?
Rui: Go get him Roy!
Roy: Thunder Punch!
Gonzap: Move you useless bug!!!

Ampharos rushed in and smack Pinsir across the face with a Thunder Punch flying it into the wall.

Roy: Finish with Thunder!
Gonzap: GAAAH!!!

Pinsir quickly moved out of the way and dodged the Thunder and countered with a Mega Punch.

Gonzap: Gah finally you do something! Close Combat!
Roy: Cotton Spore on the ground to slow it down! Hey that rhymed.

Ampharos spread the cotton on the ground slowly Pinsir down extremely well allowing a retaliation attack .

Roy: Now Thunder!
Gonzap: Don't let that cotton stop you!

Pinsir being unable to move quickly due to the cotton was zapped by the Thunder Ko'ing it quickly.

Roy: How do you like that!?
Gonzap: how do you like this!? Skarmory let's go!
Rui: That's a Shadow Pokemon!
Gonzap: How can you...
Roy: Thanks Rui I got this. and I think it's time to show you how i've changed! Go Ultra Ball!
Gonzap: What you can't-

The Ultra hits skarmory and begins to shake.

Posted by icefire23 - June 16th, 2012

Roy: Thyphlosion Flame wheel on Golem! Umbreon Iron Tail on Camerupt!
Dakim: Golem block that Flame Wheel! Camerupt Flamethrower!

Golem sticks both hands out to stop the Flame Wheel in it's tracks, while Umbreon dodges the Flamethrower and slams it's tail unto Camerupt's face.

Dakim: Toss that stupid thing Golem and help out Camerupt!
Rui: Umbreon use Iron Tail on Golem's foot!

Roy and Dakim: *Turns in surprise* WHAT?!

Umbreon quickly swept Golem's foot allowing the Flame Wheel to push Golem and Camerupt into the wall Ko'ing Golem.

Roy: Nice job Rui! I wouldn't have thought to do that!
Rui: *Giggles*
Dakim: HEY! You can't just pull that and expect me not to just walk away! Camerupt use Fire Blast!
Roy: Thyphlosion jump up and use Hyper Beam!

Thyphlosion fired it's Hyper Beam before Camerupt could fire off the Fire Blast Ko'ing it.

Dakim: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-WHAT!? I LOST AGAIN?! YOU...ugh...
Rui: Don't you have to give us something?
Dakim: stupid shadow trainer making rules...

Dakim hands Rui the red gem and storms off.

Rui: Did he say something about the shadow trainer?
Roy: So that person is here...


Ash: Pikachu Volt Tackle Delcatty NOW!
Brock: Croagunk snap out of it!
Venus: Double Edge Delcatty! Benette Shadow Claw that poor love sick frog!

Pikachu and Delcatty collided creating massive smoke making no one able to see.

Venus: My outfit! Delcatty double edge again!
Ash: Pikachu Quick Attack!

Pikachu head butted Delcatty with it's quick attack sending it into the wall Ko'ing it letting Croagunk snap out of the Attract and hit Benette with a Poison Jab Ko'ing it quickly*

Venus: OH NO FAIR!!! YOU...YOU...!
*Wristwatch: Incomign transmission from-
Venus: Oh hold on! Hello?
???: You're pitiful.
Venus: O-O-oh my gosh I'm so sorry sir! I was just-
???: I know. You lost.
Ash: Hey who are you?!
???:..............You lost to them?
Venus: Well when you only have 2 pokemon you can't-
???: I could smash them both with one move. What's your excuse?
Venus: I...I...I....
???: You what? Just give them the stone and get out of my sight!
Venus: You can see me?
???: I'm watching. I'm watching everyone. Dakim lost and so did Miror B.. Worthless...the bunch of you. Ein's the only one I can slightly rely on, and he's going to lose too. I can feel it.

???: I'm signing off now.

Venus hands Ash the Blue stone and slowly walks off, whimpering a little.

Ash: Who was that?
Brock: I don't know...but they're here watching us.

*In front of the door needed the gems*

Ein: So all 3 of them lost?
???: Yes. I watched them all. You're going to lose too.
Ein: You have so much faith it me.
???: They've beaten you once, and to be honest I like you Ein. Seeing you beat would crush me a little.
Ein: *Laughs* I'm glad to here you say that. So I'm not fighting?
???: I'm advising you don't, but if you want to go ahead and be useless like the other 3. I'm out.
Roy: Hey you!
Ein: Oh it's you. What a surprise.
Ash: Where's Dawn!?
Ein: Dawn?
Brock: Yes! Our friend!
Rui: These two have come all the way from Sinnoh because she got kidnapped! You know where she is don't you?
Ein: *Chuckles lightly* I see...you came all the way from Sinnoh.
Roy: Why are you laughing? What do you find funny about this?
Ein: Nothing. It's just...nevermind. Here. *Hands Roy the clear gem*
Roy: You-You're just giving it to us!?
Ein: I have my reasons.
Ash: Why!? I was expecting a fight!
Ein: You're always expecting fights aren't you?
Ash: What?
Ein: If you just fight head on...what then?

Ein takes his leave.

Rui: Why would he?
Roy: *Opening the door* Doesn't matter. We're heading towards the top. The battle challenge is what we're looking for.

*The group walks into the lobby and is approached by Silvia*

Silvia: You guys made it!
Rui: Silvia what are you doing here?
Silvia: I've been undercover! I've already got you guys signed up for the battle challenge! it wasn't easy though!
Ash: Thanks Silvia!
Roy: Where do we go?
Silvia: Up that elevator.
Roy: Wait...before we go...you signed just me up right?
Silvia: I signed Ash up as well! But I made sure you won't get in each other's way!
Brock: Ash and Roy are in the same tournament again? Wow.
Silvia: Let me show you the way.

*As Silvia leads the group towards the elevator it comes down*

Silvia: Huh? Someone's in it?

A huge figure wearing a red vest black pants and boots with an awesome mustache steps out.


Posted by icefire23 - June 9th, 2012

Rui: We've been walking forever...this place is huge!
Roy: Well it is a battle tower. I hope you didn't expect this place to be easy to navigate.
Rui: W-well...
???: So you finally came did you?
Roy: Who's there?
Dakim: You remember me? From Mt. Battle?
Rui: You're the one who tried to steal the Time Flute!
Dakim: And your friend here stole my Entei!
Roy: Damn right I did! You don't do that to pokemon!
Dakim: Enough talk! I'm going to get rid of you right now! Golem destroy them!
Roy: Umbreon let's go!
Dakim: Golem use Mega Punch!
Roy: Umbreon counter with Iron Tail!

Umbreon front flipped over Golem's Mega Punch and slammed it's tail on Golem's rock hard body.

Dakim: I won't fall for that trick again! Golem's solid body is immune to physical attacks! Super Effective or not!
Roy: Shadow Ball!
Dakim: Smack it away with Rock Blast!

Before Umbreon could form the Shadow Ball it was hit quickly with a flurry of rocks from Golem's hand pushing it back into the wall.

Roy: Not bad! Umbreon Payback!
Dakim: Protect!
Roy: Oh come on!

(Meanwhile on another side of the building)
Venus: You pest. You've been nothing but trouble!
Ash: You can't do what you've been doing to Pokemon! It's wrong!
Brock: Yeah and we're here to stop you!
Venus: Delcatty double edge these idiots!
Ash: Pikachu Iron Tail!

Pikachu and Delcatty collide creating some smoke before they push back.

Brock: Croagunk brick break!
Venus: 2 on 1 is sooo not fair! Delcatty Attract!

Delcatty sprayed hearts from it's mouth that surrounded Croagunk putting hearts in it's eyes, and making it unable to attack.

Ash: Pikachu Thunderbolt quick!
Venus: Attract that thing as well!

Delcatty dodged the Thunderbolt and managed to put Pikachu under the Attract as well.

Brock: We have to switch out!
Venus: No you don't! Benette come out and quickly use Mean Look!

Bentette comes from the ceiling where it was hiding and proceeds to trap Pikachu and Croagunk making them unable to escape, still under the attract.

Dakim: Why won't you just give up?
Roy: We're trying to make it to the top. No fat guy in a skirt is going to change that.
Dakim: We'll see about that shorty! Golem use rock blast on the Girl and umbreon!
Rui: What?!

Spreading Both hands Golem fired rock blast to keep umbreon at bay and to hit Rui.

Roy: Damn it!

Roy jumped in the way protecting Rui from the rocks.

Rui: Roy!
Roy: *Getting hit by rocks with extreme force* Th-this is nothing!
Dakim: The boss is going to be very pleased with me when he hears about this!
Rui: (I have to do something...oh I know!)

Filled with desperation Rui quickly felt for a pokeball in Roy's pocket and tossed it.


Dakim: WHAT?!
Roy: Where did-?
Rui: Um...do something quick! please!

Thyphosion quickled used Flame Wheel and slammed into Golem stopping the rocks on both ends.

Roy: Ow...thanks for that.
Rui: No problem!
Dakim: *enraged* You won't beat me with that! Camerupt show them whose boss!

Venus: Delcatty Double Edge! Benette Shadow Ball!
Ash: Come on Pikachu Thunder bolt!
Brock: Croagunk you have to snap out of it!

Pikachu managed to shock Delcatty with with it's Thunderbolt, but croagunk was unable to move and was hit into the wall by the Shadow Ball.

Posted by icefire23 - June 8th, 2012

Roy: I'll make the first go then! Jumpluff let's go!
Jumpluff: Jumpluff!
Miror B: I'll show you! Armaldo let's go!
Roy: Jumpluff sleep powder!
Miror B: Hit the music! Dodge that!

Jumpluff quickly emitted the sleep powder but Armaldo quickly moved out of the way.

Miror B: Now X-scissor let's go!
Roy: Jumpluff Aerial Ace quick!

Jumpluff and Armaldo collided but Armaldo overpowered Jumpluff with easy countering its attack and pushing it to the ground.

Miror B: Now Stone Edge!
Roy: Jumpluff fly up and use stun spore!

Stones surrounded Armaldo were fired at intense speeds at Jumpluff who released the Stun Spore over Armaldo leaving no room to dodge, making it paralyzed.

Miror B: How dare you! That won't stop us! Use Rock Polish!
Roy: Giga Drain quick while it's setting up!

Armaldo was unable to move due to it's state and Jumpluff quickly jumped on it and drained it's energy with Giga Drain making Armaldo fall over in KO.

Roy: Heh Heh Heh.
Rui: Nice job Roy! Only 2 more!
Ash: You got this!
Brock: Be careful!
Miror B: You may have defeated one but I'm not done yet! This is as far as you go! GO Golduck!
Roy: Jumpluff you want more?

Jumpluff nods and prepares for the next battle.

Roy: Alright! Leech Seed from the air let's go!
Miror B: No you don't! Ice Beam!

Golduck shot down Jumpluff before it could fly in the air freezing it's left puff.

Roy: Damn! Jumpluff leech seed quick!
Miror B: Finish with Hydropump!

Jumpluff spat the seeds out of it's mouth before being pushed into the wall by Hydropump KO'ing it.

Brock: Who's coming out next?
Roy: Type advantage for the win! Ampharos!
Rui: Yay Amphy!
Ash: That's a good move since water is weak to-
Roy: Don't state the obvious. We don't need that.
Ash: I was just...
Miror B: I was expecting this! Use Hydropump!
Roy: Thunderbolt!

The Hyrdopump shot from Golduck's mouth was no match for the thunderbolt that ended up shocking Golduck damaging it heavily.

Miror B: What We trained for this!
Roy: Thunder Punch!
Miror B: counter with Psychic!

Golduck stopped Ampharos in it's tracks with Psychic and then flung it into the wall at a high speed.

Miror B: Hidden Power go!
Roy: Use Cotton spore to protect yourself then use Thunder!

Ampharos quickly shielded itself from the Hidden Power with it's cotton and fired a Thunder right back at golduck for an instant KO.

Rui: Nice job Roy!
Brock: One more! Keep up the good work!
Ash: Nice work!
Roy: Do you want to quit? Because I'll keep quiet about you running away.
Miror B: NO! I will dance to the end! GO! Ludicolo!
Roy: Ampharos return! Espeon let's go!
Miror B: I will not stand for this! Ice punch!
Roy: Shoot it down with Shadow ball!

Ludicolo rushed quickly towards Espeon but the shadow ball made contact and threw it back unto the leech seed made earlier by Jumpluff.

Miror B: WHAT?!
Roy: Not like that matters now anyway...Psybeam!

Unable to move Ludicolo was KO'ed easily by the pysbeam. Leaving Roy as the winner.

Rui: I knew you could do it!
Brock: So...now what?
Miror B: Alright you beat me far and square. Take this.
Ash: what's that?
Miror B: it's something you need to use to get forward. You won so you deserve it.

Miror B handed Roy a yellow gem and walked off to the music playing inside his head.

Brock: Could that gem go to that door we saw earlier?
Roy: *Looking at the gem* Hmm...if that's the case...we have to take down the other 3 admins.
Ash: What about that Shadow Trainer?
Roy: Hmph...we'll meet that trainer soon enough...
Rui: What about their friend? Dawn?
Roy: Oh right I forgot you guys were looking for her.
Ash: Where could she be?
Roy: Maybe we can shake down an admin or two. If that makes you feel better.
Brock: Speaking of Admins...shouldn't we be looking for them?
Rui: Oh yeah! How about we split up!
Ash: Split up?
Rui: Yeah! There's are 3 of them left. Roy and I can take on one and you and Brock and take another and then we meet up and face the last one together!

Roy: Not a bad plan...
Ash: Alright let's do it!

Posted by icefire23 - June 1st, 2012

Out from school! Hell yeah!

Posted by icefire23 - May 25th, 2012

Alright Alright I have some explaining to do. It's a long story though so i applaud you if you read this from start to finish.

So while I was liking that other girl, Katie (whom I wish I had a brick for) I'm 90% sure another girl, Mary one of my friends, liked me as well. Mary and I met in English class at the beginning of the year. Now you might just be like well what's so special about that? Well let me tell you. We had 4 classes out of 6 together, and in all those classes we were put next to each other. Not only that but we got along really well. At the beginning of the year during some activity day that my school likes to do every season a senior asked my group (which Mary was in) what our favorite part about the school was up until that point, and Mary said to me that her favorite part was sitting next to me. But because I had my mind on that other person I kind of ignored it a little. Other evidence to prove my 90% theory is correct in algebra class whenever we could choose our partners she would always ask to be mine if I wasn't taken by a friend. And during some huge project called the artifact museum during the 2nd of last December (worst Friday ever...) a project that required us to make artifact stuff and showcase it across the school we checked in on each other every so often. That's it for that. But in January it seemed as though she started to lose interest in our friendship. So it kind of went like the thing that happened last summer just a little worse. And a mix of that Katie situation, with the somewhat avoidance. I just found this a little odd because I would catch the occasional glance from her quite a bit. But it was quite a hard time as Mary is an amazing person. I shall say the best person in the world to be around, and she means a lot to me because she's the first friend I made in High school. It was hard to talk to her because I got really nervous most of the time. I finally got to her on the 8th of this month, she wasn't the nicest at that time (no one is when you get on their bad side) but i think I got through to her a little as the next time we talked things went a lot more calmly. And on Tuesday of this week, our 2nd to last week of school with finals and all, I finally got to her, it was close though as I was extremely nervous with the countdown. But she said we could start over next year and that we would talk then too. I still wish I had a brick for Katie though...