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Posted by icefire23 - May 18th, 2012

Finals are coming up next week...then summer. unfourtunatly I have some business to take care of with someone, and I only have until the 31st to do so. Things are going well now. It's a long story, so I might explain once this is over.

Posted by icefire23 - May 12th, 2012

http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=37155

Trying out a new attorney, and prosecutor. I think I went a little overboard on a certain part...though...

Posted by icefire23 - May 11th, 2012

It's already here...not gonna say what it's for though...

This time he really whips his hair back and forth.

Posted by icefire23 - May 11th, 2012

Well fuck.

Posted by icefire23 - May 11th, 2012

Oh yeah.

Posted by icefire23 - May 4th, 2012

Turnabout Trust! It gets better in the later parts....It's not the best, but i'm really happy with it. Basically what happens:

Some people visit the Wright and Co. Law Offices, but Phoenix isn't there at the moment. But when he returns, he finds that there was a murder in his office. Maya being the suspect gets arrested, but the bigger problem is that she doesn't remember who she is! Can Phoenix get her memory back and get her declared innocent?

http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36619
http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36625
http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36672
http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36735
http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36841
http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36874

Posted by icefire23 - April 29th, 2012

Almost finished with this case...kinda happy on how it's turning out too.

Posted by icefire23 - April 21st, 2012

http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/jeu.php?id_proce s=36619

I made my own Phoenix Wright case...well part one anyway. I'm sorry it looks and is a bit buggy but it's my first time using the Case Maker site, but i'll get better at it sooner or later. Until then i hope you enjoy.

P.S The commands for Talk/Move/present/ and examine aren't that good, they appear at the end, in which was suppose to be the ending of investigation 1. Also you can only Talk and Present, not that it will really do you much good until i get better.

Posted by icefire23 - April 16th, 2012

After Ein's defeat the group manages to find their way back to the outside.

Roy: What's that you have there?
Ash: It's...Dawn's Bracelet.
Rui: Who's Dawn?
Brock: A friend of ours. She was kidnapped back in the Sinnoh Region.
Roy: Sinnoh? That's pretty far away. So you guys got leads on how to get here from Sinnoh.
Ash: I know we'll find her somewhere...
Brock: Yeah we didn't come here for nothing!
Roy: Hm? My PDA seems to be ringings. * answers* Hello?
Duking: Roy is that you?
Roy: Duking? What's up?
Duking: We got a lead on Cipher's whereabouts!
Rui: Really?! where are they hiding?!
Duking: The Regulam Tower. It was being built eariler but now it's complete. There is a tourney going on.
Ash: A Tourney! This could be our chance to deep-six these guys!
Roy: Sounds like a trap...but it's the only lead we have...
Brock: Let's get going before they move!
Roy: (Under his breath) Sinnoh...
Rui: Huh?
Roy: The Sinnoh Region...i've been there once. on a business trip you might say, but enough about that, let's get going.

The group arrives at the enormous Regulum Tower.

Brock: This place is huge! how could they have finished it so quickly!?
Rui: Has it really been that long since we came here for that Gear?
Roy: Alright, most likely Chiper's got their A-game, we're going into their base, so is everyone ready?
Ash: I'm ready.
Brock: Let's do it.
Rui: I'll go with you till the end.
Roy: *nods* alright let's get going.

The Group enters the giant tower and here's a faint sound.

Roy: You...you guys here that to right?
Ash: it sounds like...music...
Rui: It sounds so familiar...why don't we go check it out?

???: Oh yeah i can feel the mood!
Miror B: Oh Poo you again! *cuts music* you two made fools out of me last time!
Ash: We'll do it again too!
Roy: Calm down. I'll take him on.
Brock: What why? having Ash help you would be for a much better plan!
Rui: Go ahead, i trust you.
Roy: Thanks Rui. So, how about this, 3 on 3. who ever loses leaves the tower.
Miror B: Oh-ho! I like it when the stakes are higher then my Hair! How's this, if i lose, i'll even give you this! *pulls out yellow gem*
Roy: What the heck is that?
Miror B: This is one of the 4 keys to the door that leads to the top!
Rui: Did you say 1 out of 4?
Roy: That means...
Miror B: That's right, the others are here as well!
Ash: We'll take them down like we did last time!
Miror B: You don't have a chance against us now! According to Venus that Shadow Trainer has also be running around in here.
Roy: Well i can't wait to finally meet this Shadow Trainer you guys keep talking about!
Miror B: HA! You're going to have to get past me first, and it won't be like last time! i have the music on my side!
Roy: We'll see about that won't we?

Posted by icefire23 - April 14th, 2012

Explain why you prefer one over the other or why you like both